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Xu's GSB Portrait

Xu Lu

Assistant Professor of Finance and Business Economics

Foster School of Business,

University of Washington


About Me

Greetings! I am Xu Lu, an assistant professor in finance and business economics at the Foster School of Business.

My research addresses key questions in financial intermediation with new perspectives from micro-founded demand frictions. I am particularly interested in the impact of depositor behaviors on bank funding costs and the influence of intermediary constraints on asset prices.

I earned my Ph.D. in finance from Stanford GSB in 2023. Before that, I received my bachelor's degrees from Tsinghua University in 2017.

Curriculum Vitae (last updated: March 2024).

Research Papers


Remeasuring Scale in Active Management
(with Shiyang Huang, Yang Song, and Hong Xiang)



Finance 423: Banking and the Financial System, Winter 2024

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